I’ve released a preliminary report called Influence on GitHub - Individual Limits and Organization Advantages. Here’s the abstract:

gh-impact is a new measure of influence on GitHub. In this paper, we introduce gh-impact and use it to examine differences between Individual and Organizational GitHub accounts. Among our key findings, we find gh-impact increases as the size of organizations increase, suggesting that individuals may have a comparative disadvantage. We also find evidence for a ceiling effect of the impact of Individuals. While some individuals manage extremely successful projects, it is rare to find Individuals who manage multiple projects of a similar caliber. Organizations are not inherently resource- bound and can sustain many projects in parallel, leading to greater overall work impact and a correspondingly higher gh-impact score.

I also plan to publish shorter blog posts that dig into individual effects. The current report is pretty dense; everything had to fit within 2 pages. There’s so much more to say about it all that I simply require more words.