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  • Quick Facts - Key Findings about Open Source Impact

    Quick Facts about gh-impact; 8% of GitHub accounts are active; 13.8% of active accounts belong to organizations; Organizations have higher impact than Individuals; 10,266 accounts are in the 99th percentile.
  • Influence on GitHub - Individual Limits and Organization Advantages

    gh-impact is a new measure of influence on GitHub. In this paper, we introduce gh-impact and use it to examine differences between Individual and Organizational GitHub accounts. Among our key findings, we find gh-impact increases as the size of organizations increase, suggesting that individuals may have a comparative disadvantage.
  • Related Work - foundations for gh-impact

    This report contains a literature scan that provides a foundation for understanding gh-impact. Topics include bibliometrics and online software repository research. There has also been relevant commercial and applied work, which are also listed.
  • Questions and Answers - A Brief on gh-impact Methods

    This report answers many questions about gh-impact. How is influence calculated? Can gh-impact be manipulated? Why is gh-impact better than raw rankings? What about users who star their own projects? Those questions and more are addressed.
  • Quarterly Review

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