Quick Introduction

gh-impact measures open source influence. gh-impact is based upon the stars an open source project receives on GitHub: an account has a gh-impact score of n if they have n projects with n stars. Higher gh-impact scores correspond to accounts that have many well-used projects. See here for more information.

gh-impact provides a new metric for inspecting open source practice. This brief report presents a few quick facts that describe the size of the community and where the activity occurs.

This report is intended to raise more questions than it answers. In case you become curious, there are other reports that dig much deeper.

8% of GitHub accounts are active.

Of the n=13,203,696 GitHub accounts in our data, there were n=1,064,714 accounts (about 8%) with a gh-impact score of 1 or higher (ghi>=1).

13.8% of active accounts belong to organizations.

Of accounts with a gh-impact score, n=146,652 belong to organizations (about 13.8%) and n=918,061 belong to individuals.

Organizations have higher impact than Individuals.

Organizations (mean(ghi)=1.86) tend to have higher gh-impact scores than Individuals (mean(ghi)=1.61).

10,266 accounts are in the 99th percentile.

The cumulative distribution of gh-impact rapidly tops out; the 10,266 accounts with scores above 8 are in the 99th percentile.

The accounts with the highest gh-impact are …

The full leader board lists the top 20 individual and organization accounts. The top 3 from each list are:


sindresorhus publisher of curated "awesome" project lists
substack publisher of many node.js projects
Tj publisher of many node.js projects


google a search/information company
facebook a social graph company
apache a web infrastructure foundation

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